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Approx 74.6 Million Websitesmaintenance use Wordpress     

One of the reasons that WordPress is increasingly becoming the target of security attacks is because it’s so big. Wordpress is a content management system that powers up to a quarter of the internet, and it certainly attracts the attention of anyone wanting to insert malicious code, take sites down or steal data.  

Every Wordpress website has a database which stores client records, transactions, and all website data. This database along with your Wordpress Platform. and all installed plugins requires routine updates, maintenance, and monitoring.  
Failure to provide routine website maintenance will inevitably result in your website being down.


Comprehensive WordPress Support

The Wordpress core installation and all plugins require constant updates and maintenance on a routine
 basis to make sure your website is always viewable across all platforms, (pc, tablet, laptop, cell phone, etc.).  

As you know, technology is constantly advancing and developers are always updating code to provide the latest in internet speed, performance, and functionality.

You don’t have to to stress about your website database malfunctioning, not getting the needed updates, or your website going down.

Offsite Backups of all Wordpress websites

Wordpress Core Updates
Theme & Plugin Updates
Site Performance Optimization
Newsletter Management
Facebook App Management
eCommerce Administration
Website Staging
Security Monitoring

The Wordpress Platform is popular because of it’s ability to make your website visible to all search engines. The backend search engine optimization features that Wordpress provides ensures your website will be viewable to the massive worldwide internet community .

Whether you’re selling a product or services, or have a personal blog, it only makes sense that you
protect your investment.

  • deltona website design wordpress maintenance package updates  Complete Wordpress Updates

    WordPress, themes and plugins are always evolving; new features, increased speed, more security, etc. Weekly updates are performed to ensure your website is operating exactly as it should be.

  • deltona website design wordpress maintenance package updates support wordpressBackup and Restore Services

    Deltona Website Design has backup services that can restore your website quickly to ensure your website is Always Up, and Always Running.

  • deltona website design wordpress maintenance securityWordpress Security

    Two-factor authentication protocols are used for every website.  24/7 uptime monitoring along with routine security scans for spam and malware.